Safe Ad Community

Infinity PUSH is proud to be a Safe Ad Community!

What that means is that as a safe ad community we strongly discourage the advertisement of Porn and Hate websites along with Illegal Gifting and Revenue Share Schemes.

Why should we care what is advertised in our Community?

Because we consider each and every one of our Community members to be a friend, a compatriot in the exciting, lucrative business of online sales and network marketing.

And, because of our vast experience we know that there are many programs and schemes out there that prey upon the needs and desires of people wanting to earn by offering mathematically unsustainable models.

While we understand that many people “Play” these types of sites and use only funds that are considered “risk” capital that is not the case with all participants, some of whom may be using the food or diaper or gas money to jump into the next “Can’t Miss” revenue share or unregistered investment opportunity.

And, we just couldn’t sleep at night if our Community members found those types of sites in our community.

Please understand, if you are marketing these types of projects we wish you the best of fortune, but we do request that you do not advertise them in our Community.

We will be building a list of sites that we do not allow to be advertised and we will be initiating a “alert” feature that will allow our Community Members to “Crowd Source” the monitoring of ads in our community.

It will certainly be a work in progress and be a “never fully complete” job because new programs and schemes are being debuted all the time.

But, there are enough TOP NOTCH network marketing programs out there, owned and managed by ethical moral people that you have your choice of products, services, features and benefits on your way to online income.

We would encourage you to spend time researching and marketing those types of programs and help us keep InfinityPUSH a dynamic and fun Safe Ad Community!

– via Safe Ad Community – Clint Clark – Must be a member to view the orginial article!

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